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Have a hard to reach job? EPS can help

Whether your project needs difficult access equipment for a day or a week; one operator, or a whole team, EPS can meet your specialised access needs.
Able to reach an incredible 13 metres high with 6m horizontal access, just 790mm wide and and able to operate on 9.5° slopes, the Hinowa GoldLift 14.70 is perfect for specialised high access jobs in difficult to reach locations.


Access Lift Comparison

The Hinowa GoldLift is highly articulated and has the narrowest footprint of any lift available, enabling it to enter through most standard doorways, between tight barriers. Compare the GoldLift 14.70 specifications to standard access hoists.

Type Working Height Horizontal Reach Up & Over Clearance Lift Capacity Width Height Length Weight
Hinowa GoldLift 14.70 14m 7m 6m 200kg 790mm 1990mm 4060mm 1,700kg
Standard Scissor Lift 16m X X 500kg 2250mm 2110mm 4120mm 7,300kg
Standard Articluating Boom 16m 7.49m 7.14m 227kg 1830mm 2130mm 5380mm 5,900kg
Standard Telescopic Boom 14.2m 9.65m X 227kg 2300mm 2490mm 7390mm 5,500kg
Standard Trailer Mounted Lift 12.36m 5.59m 4.9m 227kg 1450mm 1940mm 5500mm 1,400kg

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