Eastern Property Services provide a comprehensive range of building and maintenance services to commercial, corporate and client operated sites across the metropolitan and regional Victoria (e.g.; Aged Care facilities, Defence barracks, etc.).
Whether it’s a minor commercial refurbishment or a major infrastructure development, Eastern Property Services has a long history of delivering building solutions that meet client project objectives.
We have teams of qualified experts associated with all industry and public sectors to perform and conduct construction works for all types of minor and major developments.


Our licensed and accredited building and maintenance personnel collectively possess decades of combined experience operating within a variety of Australian industries.
EPS provides affordable maintenance services to all our clients whether you’re operating a small industrial renovation or a large-scale infrastructure project.

The outcomes we offer include, at minimum, high quality, efficient and cost-effective maintenance schedules as well as one-off inspections and repairs servicing sites of all scales and projects of all natures.

Reactive Maintenance

Reactive Maintenance

Attending to reactive or emergency maintenance situations hastily is crucial in avoiding further, more extensive or even irreversible damage.

With community health, safety and well being our top priorities, it’s important to schedule appropriate building inspections recommended by our experts for your particular dwelling before these types of problems arise.

Reactive maintenance works can include plumbing and electrical, flooring and roofing, broken glass and a range of other structural issues or foundational collapses. Situations such as these require immediate repairs by licensed professionals to ensure that the level of risk and damage does not escalate if urgent remedial steps are delayed.

Swan Island Pier

Planned Maintenance

We can schedule and undertake planned maintenance to suit most budgets and timeframes while maintaining the highest levels of service quality and outcomes.

Strip out and make goods, interior repairs, signage and way-finding installation and working at heights are among an extensive range of our specialised planned maintenance services.

The application of preventative maintenance measures can prolong a project’s whole-of-life while reducing both immediate damage and future deterioration. At EPS we believe that there are sound financial, safety and environmental grounds in organising the remediation of observed defects once an issue has been identified.

Royal Children Hospital Soft Fall

Small Projects

No building or maintenance project is too big or small. We provide small project renovation and extension services, general repairs as well as customised commercial and, were operated by a commercial or government entity, residential home fit outs which are compliant with architectural, engineering or other drawings.

We can provide plans and recommendations in respect of meeting areas, external canopies (weather-proof and otherwise) bathrooms, kitchen and laundry renovations assisting with proper, professional upgrades to suit your lifestyle including meeting the construction obligations of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and the Victorian statutory regime.

Melbourne City Baths

Multiple Trades

Our team of passionate, professional tradespeople are committed to providing trade services of the highest quality. Adhering to Australian industry standards (i.e.; the National Construction Code (NCC) which has subsumed both the Building Code of Australia, and the Plumbing Code of Australia). EPS ensures that all works are compliance with Australian, New Zealand (i.e.; the AS and AS/NZS range) and international standards (i.e.; ISO45000 – Occupational Health & Safety). We provide services that range through the gamut of tiling, plasterworks, painting, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, major overhauls and where sought, other specialised services such as working underwater.

Commercial Construction

Eastern Property Services has worked with our clients for almost twenty-years delivering a diversity all types of commercial construction projects. The expertise we bring to construction projects includes completely new builds, shop and office fit outs, new, reconfigured and reconstructed carparks, footpaths and pedestrian crossings and other infrastructure and civil engineering works.

We establish and maintain strong partnerships and connections with all our clients, designers, contractors and suppliers to ensure all stakeholders collaboratively work together towards achieving efficient and effective quality project outcomes.

New Builds

New Builds

Provide us with the plans, or the concepts, and we’ll offer services such as new builds, complete rebuilds including demolition and excavation services for a range of commercial and corporate sites. We build with a future-focused outlook ensuring guaranteeing structural integrity and safety in design is paramount in achieving our client’s short, medium and long-term objectives.

Building infrastructure from the ground up requires experts from all trades, industries and academic backgrounds to ensure the finished product is safe, immaculate and properly complete.

Darebin City Council


Depending on client business and continuing workplace operational needs, shop or office building fit-outs require special consideration regarding the timing and nature of access to existing utility services (e.g.; electricity, water and gas, etc.). We provide, in conjunction with the client’s utility needs, practical and foreseeable external and internal site fit-outs while minimising disruption and down-times.

Common fit-out works includes storage, partitioning, insulation, structural reinforcement and accessibility improvements.



At EPS we believe that it is cultural imperative that heritage buildings undergo frequent repairs to avoid vandalism, unlawful access and other damages reducing the preservation of history and site longevity.

Oftentimes original structural and design components can never be replaced making heritage buildings extremely complicated to maintain and perform refurbishment works. EPS never begins works on Indigenous or other Heritage-listed projects without client and, sometimes, government approval.



We work in close collaboration with public and government sectors providing professional building and maintenance services across a number of civil engineering and infrastructure platforms.

Eastern Property Services has the building and maintenance teams to assist with the construction of roads, bridges, tunnels, monuments, carparks and other complex public infrastructure projects.

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